Packed Sand or Loose Sand for Working Out?

Today I did my 43 on the beach!  It was hard!!  I did a burpee with a tuck jump (although my tucks are not very high!).

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It is HARD to jump up high in the sand!!  This was a 43 that pretty much worked my entire body.

I also did my 2nd round of this week’s workout with Taylor’s challenge.  I’m pretty sure that I’m doing the wrong workout this week but I decided to just stick with it because it is perfect for vacation – the one part that requires weights I can use my bands.  This is the workout that has 1000 total reps (700 are mountain climbers!).  Tuesday it took 14:13 and today I crushed my time – 12:23!!  

And, because we are on vacation and I’m trying to maximize time, that was the extent of my work out!!  Not gonna lie – working out for less than 30 minutes is not my normal and I’m trying really hard to be OK with the fact that if I go all-out for a short amount of time (HIIT) then I don’t need to work out for hours.  Still working on the whole guilt thing!!

Burning Question:

In my 43 video today, you can see that I worked out in the loose heavy sand.  I think it’s much more difficult to perform moves that require any jumping in the loose sand.  However, when I was doing the burpees this morning, I had someone tell me that I should do them on the packed sand to really get the full benefit.  


So – what do you think?  More benefits from trudging through the loose sand or the packed sand?

And – you know I have to post some more beach pictures!! 

water fun
water fun


from a night walk
from a night walk

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Chris and the boys playing in the water – Chris and Hunter said the waves were big enough that it was a workout.  Jordan said it wasn’t even close to a workout – maybe because he has been doing boot camp with me all summer!!!

Happy Thursday!!


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