Real Life vs. Online Life

Today’s 43 was a challenge – my favorite kind of 43!!!  I got this move from Insanity Asylum (I’m a little obsessed with my new program!).  The move is a hip raise – roll – plank.

I’m going to try and describe it but I’m afraid it might be a little confusing (good thing there is a demo!!).  Start on the ground with your right leg extended and your right hand on the ground.  Your left knee should be bent, foot on the ground. Push your hips up (using your right arm) and rotate to the right until you are in plank.  While in plank, curl your right leg up.  Rotate to the left until you are back to the starting position.  Repeat (x43).

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You can see that I did a little mini push-up while in the plank – just an extra bonus!!!  And, Jordan helped me with the demo when he finally got up which was after I had already completed my 43 and sweaty workout so I was TIRED by the time we filmed this!!

Also, this was one of those super 43s where I did 2 sets because after I did all of them on my right side I had to switch and do 43 on my left.  My triceps and shoulders were shaking and burning by the time I finished!!!

Today’s Insanity Asylum workout was by far the hardest one yet – Vertical Plyo!  Like the name implies, there was a LOT of jumping!!!  The 10 minute warm-up was brutal and then the workout – YIKES!!!  Did I mention that there was a LOT of jumping?!  This is the kind of workout that pretty much sucks while you’re doing it but after you are done  you feel awesome!!!!

So lately I’ve read lots of the great recap posts about the Blend Retreat from a couple weeks ago.  I know there are a lot of other neat events where bloggers meet each other, too.

Reading about some of these has caused me to start thinking about the differences between meeting people online (through blogs and other social media) and in person.  Over the past few months, I have gotten to “know” some really amazing people through their blogs.  Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 8.33.26 AM

So far, I haven’t met any of my blogger friends in real life.  Last night I was talking to Chris and I told him that I hope to eventually met some of them in person.  What I really hope, though, is that when I meet my online friends for the first time – I’m the person they expected to meet!  Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 8.23.09 AM

Meaning that I hope no one thinks it is like the little Facebook cartoon above!!!  I try to keep my blog real and be exactly the same in it that I am in real life!!  Just like all of my wonderful pictures and videos – I don’t primp for them – cause I don’t fix myself up to workout!!!

I try to make most of my posts positive but some days (ummm…yesterday!) it just doesn’t happen cause life isn’t all roses for any of us!!!  Over-all though, I love my life and am usually happy both on my blog, when I comment on other blogs and in real life!!!

So, I hope that at some point I get to meet a lot of y’all!!  I even know some of the things I want to do with some of my blog friends:  (see if you know who some of these might be)

  • ride scooters to the playground
  • get the best weight room experience of my life
  • run (so this one is almost everyone!!!)
  • go to the Mall of America

I could list more but I already sound like a creepy stalker!!!Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 8.44.38 AM

What are your experiences meeting your blog friends for the first time?  Were they exactly what you expected, better?

Happy Fun Friday!!!


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