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406 Wall-Sits (1 minute each) – DONE!!

Today was a Pilates kind-of day!  I even did a Pilates move for my 43.  Double-leg drops – great for about the first 15 then….

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ6Lp38H-Dk’]

I tried to do a smooth 2-count down and 2-count up until I reached finally reached #43.

This was a rest day for Les Mills Combat but I didn’t want to take the day completely off.  I did a Crunch DVD – Fat Burning Pilates.  I’m happy with my choice to do something but I knew I wasn’t up for a   hard-core workout!!  I needed a bit of a break!

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 9.45.37 AMAt the beginning of February I started a new self-challenge.  I decided to pick an exercise and do it every day for the month of February equal to the day of the month.

For some crazy reason, I choose to do 1-minutes wall-sits.  Fine for the first few days but the past week and a half have been HARD!!!

Some stats – 406 wall sits = 406 minutes = 6 hours 46 min

February: 24(hours) x 28(days) = 672 hours           672(hours) x 60(min) = 40,320 minutes

406/40,320 = 1%

That’s right!! I spent 1% of the month of February sitting on the wall with my quads burning!

keeping track
keeping track

I had to make tally marks to keep track!!  So thankful for my phone to use as both timer and entertainment!!!

Chris and Hunter have also  participated in the February daily challenge – Chris with push-ups and Hunter,  burpees.  They still have 28 for today and then they will be challenge winners!!!  Way to go, guys!!

Time to think up the next fun challenge – love having little goals!!!

For now though, I have a school newsletter to pull together, type, print and get 400 copies made before 3:30 today!!!  Gotta get busy!

Happy Thursday!


Spider Walking

Don’t be scared!!!Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 9.32.24 AM


(Sorry, hope spiders don’t gross you out!!! I find them fascinating!!!)

Today’s 43 was one of those that worked pretty much every inch of my body!!!  Spider walking!!!  Fun stuff for sure!!!

Start in plank or push-up position.  Walk your opposite knee and hand forward while dropping your body lower – repeat with other side – continue!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n3DRMobVYk’]

Jordan has pretty good form – don’t you think??

I counted 3 forward walks on each side (I think that is what Jordan did in the demo, too) as 1 rep then I stood, turned and went the other direction for the next one until I reached the magic #  of 43!!!  I felt this in my arms, shoulders, core, hip flexors and quads!!!!  How’s that for a 5-1 combo move?!

Today I was back to Les Mills Combat with a new work-out:  Combat 60 Live – Ultimate Warrior!  This has to be my favorite one yet!!!  First off, besides the Combat crew, there were about 400 people doing the work-out with them!  Second, this work-out was HARD and very intense!!!  The 60 minutes went by very quickly because, like all of their work-outs, it is broken into segments and you can see the segment (and total) time at the bottom of the screen.

What I really liked was the fact that there were some new moves and combos in this one!!  Plus, the cool-down was different from the others but very effective!!!

Love trying new work-outs!!!

new running skirt!!
new running skirt!!

It’s hard to see but this skirt would have been great for yesterday. Running love!! Maybe next year I will do a Valentine’s day run!!

Hooray for a LONG weekend!!!  The boys have 5 days out of school (they were out yesterday, too) because of parent/teacher conferences and an inservice on Monday.  Chris is off today (SDO – scheduled day off.  They work 9 hour days and then have an SDO every other week – pretty cool.) and Monday for President’s Day!Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 9.45.52 AMWooHoo!!  Love it when every one is off!!!

And, finally – 15th day of February and I’m still doing the number of wall-sits to sync up with the day – today I’ve completed 15 1-minute wall-sits.  Not gonna lie – it is getting hard!!! I have to spread them out a little more. (I make tally marks as I do them so I don’t lose count and cheat or do any extra!!!)  Hunter & Chris are participating, too!!!  Hunter does burpees every day and Chris is doing push-ups daily!!!  (Jordan opted out – party pooper!!)

Happy Fun Friday!!!


Keep it Real!!

I started the 43 today thinking I wanted to do some standing ab/core work.  The move I picked did work my obliques some (and my core because of the balance involved) but it mostly targeted my hips and outer thighs (which can always use more work!).  After the first 10-12 I realized why they were hurting (hydrant kicks yesterday, duh!!!) – OOPS!!!  I usually try not to target the same muscle group 2 days in a row with the 1000s of choices I have – oh well!!!

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 8.19.48 AMAnyway, back to the 43!!  I did a standing leg extension (to the side).  I started like this:


(the goofy hand pose is mandatory!!).  Then I lifted my right leg straight to the side – held a second – and lowered.  I tried not to touch the floor between every rep (had to tap it occasionally in order not to fall on my face!).

take the picture already!
take the picture already!

After doing 43 with my right leg and really feeling it in both hips, I had to got to switch sides and do another 43 with my left leg.

both sides need to be treated fairly!
both sides need to be treated fairly!

(At least I have an awesome  T-shirt from the super talented Cait!!!)

Today was a fun work-out day because it involved my favorite (so far anyway!) Les Mills Combat DVD – Combat 60 Ultimate Fighter!  I like that the work-out is an hour, it keeps my heart rate up, works legs and arms as well as cardio and the time flies by.

One thing I really like about the the Les Mills Combat program is the motivation and tips they provide.  And today at the end of today’s work-out they said – KEEP IT REAL!!!

I love that saying!!!  It is one of the sayings I try to live by.  With me, what you see is what you get!!!  Whether I’m working out, buying groceries, subbing, blogging (my own or commenting on others) or just hanging out with my family = I’m just the same ol’ person! I’m just me!

And on that note – another fun ecard (cause while the card is humorous and a bit extreme,   I’m just keeping it real!!!).

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 8.26.01 AM

Happy Tuesday – keep it real!!!


5th day of February = 5x 1 minute wall sits – Done!!