Not real spiders….the day’s 43!!!  Spider push-ups :Approve:If you have never tried these, you should. I’m pretty sure that you will feel them – my arms are still shaking. Start in plank (push-up position).  Do a full push-up and then bring your right knee to your right elbow.  Return to push-up position, push-up, then bring your … Continue reading Spiders

Spider Walking

Don’t be scared!!!   (Sorry, hope spiders don’t gross you out!!! I find them fascinating!!!) Today’s 43 was one of those that worked pretty much every inch of my body!!!  Spider walking!!!  Fun stuff for sure!!! Start in plank or push-up position.  Walk your opposite knee and hand forward while dropping your body lower – repeat … Continue reading Spider Walking

Daily 43

If I make my goal, then by September 15 I will have 365 daily 43s on my list!!! September 16           Run (jog/walk) 43 miles (only got 37.5) September 17           Crunches on foam roller + 43 min foam rolling September 18           Single-arm clean & press … Continue reading Daily 43