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I Want to Learn to be Spontaneous

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Sometimes (especially lately) I feel like I live by my calendar!!!  I have a great calendar app (Sunrise) that keeps us all synced together – I even get the high school band stuff, FB birthdays…..

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I used to be a little more spontaneous but I feel like I am in a total scheduled rut these days!!

Between the boys activities and homework, Chris’ work schedule and the event venue I feel like every day is packed with stuff to-do but lacks the time for those little  spontaneous things that keep life fun!!

I wish we still lived in a time when it was acceptable to just “pop over” and catch up with someone but that isn’t done anymore.

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Thankfully there are still those totally unexpected things that come up during the day and even though they might cause stress at the start, often they end up being the best experience ever!

I need to work on being more spontaneous – can I schedule that?!  (just kidding – sort of!)

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Are you spontaneous by nature?
Do you try to add spontaneity into your life?

Happy Wednesday!!


BTW – I’m linking up with Deb (DebRuns) for her Wednesday Word.

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