Things That Make You Go Hmmm…..

Today was another day that I decided to combine the challenge for #happyfitmarch with my 44.  The challenge today was to do single leg squats for a minute.  

I decided to make it more “fun” by doing the squats on a small wobble ball – 

right - 34 in one minute
right – 34 in one minute

After doing 44 total on this side, I switched legs and did some more!!!

left leg - 27 in 1 minute
left leg – 27 in 1 minute

I didn’t get as many in a minute on my left side because my balance isn’t as good on that side!!  But I still completed the challenge and my 44.

I was going to run today for the 5th day in a row but decided to wait until tomorrow so I can get in a longer run!!

Instead I did Turbo Fire – Upper 20 and Lower 20.  These are toning workouts using bands and they are very effective!!  The lower one especially had my hips burning!!!

Remember the song – Things That Make You Go Hmmm…?

Well, I have some things that make me go Hmmm…. today!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 6.34.32 AM

*  I got a pedicure 2 weeks ago today for our fancy night out.


Usually when I get a pedi, it lasts for 3-4 weeks (and that is when I’m walking around in sand at the swim beach!!).  2 weeks into this one and I have chipping –


*  Jordan’s  group for the trip to Cali, landed about 6 hours after the first group (that was the schedule all along).  AND, they leave about 6 hours before that same first group on Monday morning so they are losing 12 hours in CA that some of the other groups get.   Hmmmm…..

*  Remember I gave up wine and other cocktails for Lent?  Well, I thought that cutting out happy hour would help me shed a bit in my middle but instead I’ve been eating about 20x more candy than normal!!!  

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 6.52.20 AMOops!!!  Hmmm……

*  On Wednesday I had a 2nd meeting that a lady had requested with me (she wants to show me what all she does – decorating, catering, event planning…).  She set the time (via email – Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 6.54.37 AM

Well, I waited and waited on Wednesday  – NO SHOW!!!  Yesterday (Thursday) at 12:25 she called me and said, “I thought we had a 12:30 meeting.”  
A.  It isn’t even 12:30 yet!!!

Hmmmm…….And then she wanted to reschedule!  Really???  Hmmm…..

*  I think that this post is qualifying as an epic fail as far as my plan to implement more of this – Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.51.37 AM


What things are making you go Hmmmm…

And for your listening entertainment – 

Happy Friday!!