A Successful 5 Hour Run – Getting Ready for 50 Miles!!!


I did V-situps on a bench!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kincmq0mXBw’]

This was about all I could manage today but I’m happy that I still got in a daily 43!!

And -REST DAY!!!

Yesterday was my 300th day of consecutive 43s and blogging so I did a 300 minute (5 hour) run to celebrate!!!  300 minute run

These long runs have a dual purpose – they are a nice way to mark some of the big days in my journey this year but they are also training runs for my 50-mile race in October!!!

right after I finished - sweaty mess!!
right after I finished – sweaty mess!!

Day 250, I didn’t have a successful run – partly because I was a bit over ambitious with my goal!  For yesterday’s 300 minute run, I went into it with no other goal than to complete the time.  I didn’t set any type of mile goal and I told myself in advance that walking was perfectly acceptable!!!

I started off with the treadmill set at 6.5mph (9:13 pace) and left it there for the first 3 hours.  The last 2 hours I still kept that pace for my running portions but I started alternating run/walks.  I figure that I need to get my legs used to going back and forth between running and walking because I know that 50 miles on trails, roads, fields will require some walking!!

Overall, I was happy with my 300 minutes yesterday – 31 miles total – and…..I achieved my goal!!!

I looked like this pretty much immediately after!
I looked like this pretty much immediately after!

Funny that my sports bra looks like a completely different color – sweat!!!  Jordan said – “you better get up you’re going to be sore.”  I don’t think he realized I was way past that point – the soreness was already there!!blisterCan you see my blister?  I had this by the end of the 2nd hour!!!

What is the longest time/distance you have done on a treadmill, or just in general?

My longest consecutive treadmill run was 42 miles (when I turned 42) in about 7.5 hours. Hopefully after September 16, that will become 44 miles!!!  My longest run over 2 days – 60 miles. 

Happy Saturday!!


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