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My Year of Running 2014

I rarely do link-ups for several reasons but mostly because I’m lazy.  However, this year I decided to participate in Amanda’s (Miss Zippy) fun year of running recaps.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.17.20 AM

1.  Best race experience?
I don’t race a lot but actually did a few races this year.
In May I attempted a 50 mile race – did not complete it.
In September I did a timed run – ended up just doing a marathon and calling it a day.
My best race experience though was the half marathon trail race that I did with Hunter.


It was not at all like a race I thought I would enjoy – it was wet and muddy, slow and treacherous but I LOVED  every second of it!!!

2.  Best Run?
Overall, 2014 was a great year of running.  Up until sometime in late October, I was running strong and injury free.  I have over 1500 miles for the year which is the highest I’ve been in a long time.

I think the best run I had was way back in January – I ran 37 miles on Kristin’s  (STUFT Mama) birthday to celebrate her birthday from a distance with her and to raise money for Run Sixty Feet.  37 miles

This was one of those runs that actually felt good the entire time.
37 miles in 5 hours 23:14 – great running day!!!

3.  Best new piece of gear?
I really like my Garmin 220 – sort of an early Mother’s Day gift to myself.
I also love all of my running shoes especially the 2 pairs of Wave Creations that I added to my collection this year – Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.40.55 AM

4.  Best piece of running advice you received:
I think mostly it was a matter of coming to a realization after a couple of failed attempts at running 50 miles – running should be fun.  It isn’t about trying to prove anything – it is just something I love!!!

5.  Most inspirational runner?
I don’t know if I can pick one person – the runners that I see day after day no matter what the weather inspire me.
So many of the awesome bloggers I read that run races, set PRs, get up early and push themselves every day inspire me.

But, the most inspirational runners in my world are my 2 boys.

before the 4th of July race around the lake
before the 4th of July race around the lake

Seeing them develop a love of running this year has inspired me to just keep running because I love it.  They have helped me realize that running isn’t about how far or how fast you go, it is just about running and loving the fact that you can!!!

6.  If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be?
Ready for more!!!

Thanks for setting up the link-up, Miss Zippy!!!

Happy Wednesday!!


Inspiring and Being Inspired

Today I took another move from Evil Cyber and adapted it a bit to make it my 43.  He did  reverse barbell curls but I decided to do the same reverse curls with dumbbells.  This works your forearms more than your biceps so it is a great way to work a different muscle!! (one I rarely even think about)

It is the same set-up as a bicep curl except your palms face down so that on the up part of the curl they are facing away from your body – 


43 of these weren’t too hard – the last 10 I struggled a little.  (I used 10 pound dumbbells.)

And another day of working out = another day of Insanity Asylum!!!  Today it was Vertical Plyo – jumps, jumps and more jumps!!!  I can tell that I’ve made some improvements because at the end of the 40 minutes of torture plyo the last move is a lateral jump.  You stand next to the super versatile agility ladder – 

sort of tired of this ladder!!!
sort of tired of this ladder!!!

and do a side jump over it!!!  The first time I did this workout I failed at every attempt!  (I fold 1 rung of the ladder over so it is only 3 rungs to jump for this move.)  Today I cleared the ladder (3 rungs) 13 times (you do the move for 1 minute)!!!!

Today was also beach bootcamp – we did a fun “surprise move” type workout – it was nice because it was very much self-paced.  And, good news – lots more JUMPING!!! 

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 8.54.50 AM

The other day at 5:30 am I was having a hard time deciding what to do for my 43.  Odd, because I have lists (spreadsheets actually because I’m a nerd and love to make spreadsheets!!!) that I’ve made with all my  ideas and I keep adding to them so I have lots of choices.  The problem is if I don’t have a plan when I get up at the butt crack of dawn so early, I am at a complete lack of inspiration.   

I can exercise and perform moves early but trying to be creative and think of something early in the morning is never going to happen in my world.  Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 8.53.10 AM

So this lack of inspiration in the mornings has caused me to start thinking about where I get my inspiration – for working out or even just life in general.  And, I realized that I have lots of people that inspire me and lots of places that I get ideas from.

  • My boys inspire me a lot – they have come up with some very unique moves for me to try for some of my 43s this year (not all are actually doable but still….).  I love the fact that they like to help and be part of this goal I have.  They also inspire me to make play and enjoying life part of my day.
  • Chris inspires me – not necessarily about my workouts but always about how to be a better, kinder, more patient, more caring person.  I try to emulate him when I talk to people (listen more, talk less) – I still have a long way to go on this one but I’m trying.
  • Bloggers have inspired me in 100s of ways during the 9 months since I’ve started my blogging journey.  I’ve gotten many workout ideas from so many different people.  Training tips (running and otherwise), ideas for equipment/workout gear/running stuff and more recipes than I will ever be able to try!!!  Plus, the sense of community that I’ve found inspires me to keep blogging!!

There are other things/people that inspire me –  way to many to list.

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 8.52.43 AMThinking of all the ways that I’m inspired made me question how, or even if,  I inspire anyone.  That one is a lot harder.  I like to think that I inspire my boys to try their best no matter what they are doing – school work, musical instruments, running, working out, playing games…

But – am I living my life in a way that actually inspires others?  I hope so!!

Who/what inspires you?

Happy Thursday!!!  

(I’m going to my 3rd Zumba class tonight – watch it, soon I’ll be making a Zumba video!!  Just kidding about the video – that would be torture for all involved!)