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Veteran’s Day

For my 44 today I did a bicep curl (with 10 pound dumbbells – plenty for this many reps!) while staying in a squat position for all 44.  My quads were burning!!!

Squat and hold
Squat and hold


curl - stay in squat
curl – stay in squat

Nice sweaty pictures since they were after my workout.  I ran today because it will probably be the only day this week that I can run.  I did 10 miles with the treadmill at 1.5% incline (73:27) + 2 easy miles to cool down.  

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 3.46.01 PMVeteran’s Day is to celebrate the service of all of the US military – past and present!

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 3.52.29 PM

The Commonwealth countries  celebrate Remembrance Day or Armistice Day on November 11.  

The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day due to the poem “In Flanders Fields“. These poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I, their brilliant red colour an appropriate symbol for the blood spilled in the war.

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 3.50.47 PMThis day marks the anniversary of the end of World War I – the major hostilities were formally ended at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

I think that now more than ever it is important to show support for all of the military men and women who willingly serve their country in ways that many people would never dream of doing.

Since Chris is in the military, we have lots of friends who are Veterans but I have 3 people that are the most special Veterans in my life.

Chris who is still serving our country – 

Blues - the official unifrom
Blues – the official uniform (usually he wears his flight suit)

My Dad who spent most of his career in the US Air Force.  (pretty sad that I don’t have any pictures!)

And, my Poppa who served in the US Navy during World War II – 

on his 90th birthday (tomorrow he would be 99)
on his 90th birthday
(tomorrow he would have turned 99)

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of the many Veterans and THANK YOU for all you do!!!

Happy Monday!


Workout Tools

Today I decided to work my triceps with the 44 – I did skull crushers using my stability ball.  


The nice thing about this move on the ball is that I also had to work to hold my hips level so I got a little core work!!!!  I just used 8 pound dumbbells because I knew that after about 20, my form would suffer with anything heavier – ended up being the perfect choice for all 44 – I definitely felt them but could perform all the reps with proper form.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite workout tools since I keep using different ones for my daily 44.

Resistance bands:  These are awesome especially when you travel since they don’t weigh much or take up much space.  They are great as an alternative to weights and actually sometimes make moves feel  harder than using dumbbells because of the constant tension.

 some of my bands
some of my bands

Bowflex Select Tech Weights:  I love these when I’m doing a weight workout.  Since I store all of my workout equipment in one room and move it to another to work out, this makes it easier to move!!  These weights adjust from 5 pounds each up to 50 pounds each!!!  On moves that you just want a light weight they are a bit bulky but otherwise I love them!

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Stability Balls: I love the extra challenge you can add to so many different moves by using a stability ball.  Today I used one to keep my hips up.  The other day I used one to do push-ups.  So many options!!!

Stability BallBOSU:  This might be my all time favorite piece of equipment.  It can be used like a step for an entire cardio + toning workout and it is also great to add a balance challenge to any move!!  I love trying new moves on the BOSU – some are successful and others don’t really workout!!


Treadmill:  I’m pretty sure that everyone knows by now that I actually prefer running on my treadmill these days!!  Years of having no choice (babies and a traveling husband) helped with turning me into a treadmill runner.  And, occasionally I try to use my treadmill for things other than running – not always a great idea but sometimes it works!

If I can't be on the beach then I'm pretty happy here!!
If I can’t be on the beach then I’m pretty happy here!!


What is your favorite piece of exercise equipment?

Happy Sunday!


Off Kilter

Today I used my favorite piece of equipment (again!) – 


For the 44 I did a plank with my toes on the BOSU. 

ready to go
ready to go

I alternated stepping one foot off –

right foot off
right foot off

then back on and the other foot off.

left foot off
left foot off

I counted a right and left step-off as 1 rep.  About half-way through the 44 I started thinking that I should have timed it so I could see how long I stayed in plank – oh, well – I know it was long enough that my arms were shaking!!!

I decided to run again today.  I’m enjoying just running to run again!!!  I did 6 miles in 44:19 at 1.5% incline and then 2.25 more miles at a super easy pace.  

Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 9.36.35 AMLately, for some reason, I feel a little off-kilter.  I think it is a combination of the things that I need to get done and all of the extra activities the boys have this year.  

Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 9.40.03 AM

We have always had family dinner – typically around 6:00pm – this is a great way to reconnect after being out and about all day.  Lately, it is rare for everyone to be able to eat at the same time – I feel like we eat in pairs.  This past week we only had dinner together 2 times!!!  (Hooray for my crock pot so that dinner is ready at multiple times!!!)

my "office"
my “office”

Lately, our dining room table is just a mess.  It is my home “office” and the piles are driving me insane.  The problem is, my list keeps growing but my motivation is not keeping up with the To-Dos!!!

Last night I was home alone for the entire evening and I didn’t do a single productive thing – I watched mindless TV (have you seen that 4 Secret Princes Show?), spent hours playing on my laptop (not work stuff!!!), added more blogs to my feed (not sure why since I can barely keep up with the ones I already had!!).  

So, I guess I will make another list for the day and hope that today is the day I actually make some progress and get back on track!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 9.52.58 AMAnd, I always add stuff after I do it just for the happiness that comes from seeing stuff marked off!!!

Happy Saturday!!!


Some Thoughts Are Better Left Unsaid

Today’s 44 was not one of my better ideas!!!  In fact, it would have been an idea better left in my head.  However, I might be am a little stubborn and once I decided to do the move I just went with it!!!

What was the stupid move?  I used my treadmill – 

the arm rails are the part I used
the arm rails are the part I used

I sat sideways under the handles and did a pull-up move.  Here is a self picture (which is why I’m only holding on with one hand!!!) since today is a day off school (Parent/Teacher Conferences) and the boys are STILL sleeping!!!


From that position (except with both hands on the rail) – I pulled myself up until my chin was above the bar – 44 times!!!  See – not a good idea!!!  

The main reason it was a bad idea is because now my lower back is killing me – which is why the only picture is the above one.  I’m not going to do any more when the boys get up to make a video!!!

I did get in a run after the stupid 44 though – 5 miles at a fast pace and then 2.5 easy (all at 1.5% incline).  I’m sure that the hard run did nothing to help my back – oops!!

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 8.38.03 AMSo my decision to act on a poor choice made me think about something we say in our family a lot –  “That should probably be kept right here (point to head).”

We usually just say this to be funny but there really are times that it is true!!!  Not everything that pops into your head should be said out-loud for numerous reasons.

  • Somethings are just flat out rude.
  • Somethings really don’t make sense and need to be thought through a little more.
  • Somethings might be inappropriate.
  • Sometimes silence is the best option.

Jordan is really good about pointing out when Chris or I make a comment that would have been better left unsaid – always makes me laugh but also realize that I really do need to keep some thoughts (and clearly some ideas!!!) in my head!

Do you have thoughts/ideas that are better kept inside your head?  (I hope I’m not the only one!!!)

Happy Thursday!!



The start of a new year – my year of 44 and year #2 of blogging!!!

Today’s 44 (and it counts as today because even though most of it was yesterday, I finished after midnight!!!) was a 44 mile run (truthfully, it ended up being a run and then a walk).

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 8.41.55 AMAll happy before I started – CRAZY!!!

I’m not gonna lie – THIS 44 SUCKED!!!!!

I started off running and was right on pace for my goal for the first 24 miles – not fast, just an even 6 mph. Then, things started to go really south.  My left Achilles, which has been giving me trouble for quite awhile was killing me and my stomach was not happy.  I decided to switch to a run/walk combo which I did for the next 4 miles.

At mile 28, I stopped for a minute and went in the room where Jordan was (Chris & Hunter were at small group but Jordan stayed home) and told him I wanted to quit.  I told him that running 44 miles was stupid and I didn’t want to do it!!! 

Jordan basically told me to SUCK IT UP!!!  He said, just walk if you have to but you can’t quit!!!

So, I hopped back on and walked (and walked and walked) and pretty much hated every step but…..I did it!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 8.45.45 AM

Clearly it didn’t take me 37:55 – my treadmill rolls over every 100 minutes and it had already rolled over 5x.  It took me 8 hours 57:55 minutes.  Not my original plan/goal but thanks to Jordan pushing me, I met the distance goal.

Today, I’m perfectly happy with a rainy, coolish day for my birthday!  I’m all decked out in compression gear – shorts and socks –  and planning on being a complete BUM for the day!!!

I’m excited to see what the next year of 44s and blogging will bring!  I just went back to my very first post and other than going with a similar title, I can see how my blog changed during the past year and I’m sure that there will be more changes over the course of year #2!!

Happy Monday!!!