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Great Weekend Reads

Today’s 44 required a resistance band.  I decided that since I worked my biceps yesterday with the 44 today I would work my triceps.  I did tricep pulses with the band.


This was actually really tough – the resistance of the band made the last 15 or so brutal!!!

I did a new workout today – The Biggest Loser Power X-Train.  Besides a warm-up and cool down, there are 3 15 minute segments:  metabolic circuit, power training and all about reps.  The metabolic circuit was 14 moves, 1 minute each and alternated between a power move and a cardio move.  Power training was more about whole body training with strength, core and plyo.  All about the reps was my favorite section – 4 moves done for 1 minute each 3x.  The goal was to increase the number of reps each time through!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 8.00.43 PMI’ve noticed over the past year  that blogging tends to be way down during the weekend.  I actually  have more time to read on Saturday and Sunday so I thought  I would share a few of the great things I read.

1.  Bryony @ A Series of Beginnings  welcomed her 2nd sweet little boy into her family this past week – she has a super cute picture of him for everyone to enjoy!

2.  Julie @ Happiness is a Dish Best Savoured Hot wrote a great post with 4 things that would help make the world a better place.  One of the things that she said the world needs more of is compassion – completely agree with her!!!

3.  Chris @ The Mom Cafe has a devotional series and invites guest bloggers to share their stories.  This week Dana from Kiss My List wrote a great piece about Judaism!

4.  Taylor @ Lifting Revolution shared about her attempts to master a hand stand in her yoga class recently.  The real point of her post was that sometimes you are going to fall no matter what you are trying to do – what do you do after falling?

5.  Carla @ Real Into had an incredible post about just being you.  She said that you don’t have to do something new to be unique!!!  I’m so excited because she said that she is going to be sharing more of her unique self in the future and I can’t wait!!!

6.  Coco @ Running with Perseverance wrote a post that spoke volumes to me.  She said that we should say yes and not be afraid to fail!!!   I feel like that is exactly what I’m doing by attempting another 50 mile race!

7.  Biz @ My Bizzy Kitchen is so amazing!!  She just spent the last week working her full time job plus a new part time job, dealing with horrid weather (scraping snow off of part of her heating unit most mornings), plus trying to spend plenty of time with her husband who spent the first week of 2014 in the hospital (and while he was there she organized a DVD drive for the kids wing of that hospital!).  After a particularly rough day she wrote a post listing all of the ways that she is blessed!!!  What a great reminder that life really is good.  (Plus, Biz shares some really tasty recipes almost every day!!)

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 8.40.19 PMI don’t think a day goes by that I don’t Pin at least 5 recipes from some of the amazing bloggers I love!!!  This weekend was no exception!

8.   Lori @ Finding Radiance shared a recipe for creamed chicken and corn soup in the crock pot!!  I love things that can be done in the crock pot!!  And, as a bonus, she included a recipe for making your own cream of ____ soup – so awesome!!!

9.   Davida @ The Healthy Maven always has some of the most amazing recipes.  Most of them are way above my ability level (lots are for tasty baked things!!) but I’m pretty sure I can handle this one:  White bean kale & artichoke dip with quinoa flatbread (remember I’m going to try quinoa this year!!)  I can’t wait to try this!!!

10.  Jill @ Fitness, Health & Happiness is so consistent with weekly meal planning and sharing new recipes.  This breakfast salad (or lunch, dinner or even snack) looks super tasty and full of good things.  There is an omelet and a sunny side up egg in this salad!!!  And feta – one of my favorites!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 8.55.23 PMI don’t know yet if I will make this a standard Monday feature (I haven’t ever done a set daily thing) but I love to share  – there are so many great posts out there!!!

Do you read blogs on the weekend?

Happy Monday!!!


Workout Tools

Today I decided to work my triceps with the 44 – I did skull crushers using my stability ball.  


The nice thing about this move on the ball is that I also had to work to hold my hips level so I got a little core work!!!!  I just used 8 pound dumbbells because I knew that after about 20, my form would suffer with anything heavier – ended up being the perfect choice for all 44 – I definitely felt them but could perform all the reps with proper form.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite workout tools since I keep using different ones for my daily 44.

Resistance bands:  These are awesome especially when you travel since they don’t weigh much or take up much space.  They are great as an alternative to weights and actually sometimes make moves feel  harder than using dumbbells because of the constant tension.

 some of my bands
some of my bands

Bowflex Select Tech Weights:  I love these when I’m doing a weight workout.  Since I store all of my workout equipment in one room and move it to another to work out, this makes it easier to move!!  These weights adjust from 5 pounds each up to 50 pounds each!!!  On moves that you just want a light weight they are a bit bulky but otherwise I love them!

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Stability Balls: I love the extra challenge you can add to so many different moves by using a stability ball.  Today I used one to keep my hips up.  The other day I used one to do push-ups.  So many options!!!

Stability BallBOSU:  This might be my all time favorite piece of equipment.  It can be used like a step for an entire cardio + toning workout and it is also great to add a balance challenge to any move!!  I love trying new moves on the BOSU – some are successful and others don’t really workout!!


Treadmill:  I’m pretty sure that everyone knows by now that I actually prefer running on my treadmill these days!!  Years of having no choice (babies and a traveling husband) helped with turning me into a treadmill runner.  And, occasionally I try to use my treadmill for things other than running – not always a great idea but sometimes it works!

If I can't be on the beach then I'm pretty happy here!!
If I can’t be on the beach then I’m pretty happy here!!


What is your favorite piece of exercise equipment?

Happy Sunday!


I Almost Fell off my Treadmill

Today’s 44 was another combo move – I worked my shoulders, triceps and core!!!  I held a 12 pound dumbbell with both hands while laying on my back.  Push the weight over head, drop the arms down (like a skull crusher), reverse arm movements, sit-up reaching weight to toes – or just watch the video!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P13mPcqKPqY’]

(look – not quite as yellow!!  Thanks, EvilCyber for the tip!!)

I ran again today – because I figured it would be good to run on tired legs (I stood for almost 9 straight hours yesterday between boot camp, cleaning the venue, set-up for today’s wedding and ironing tablecloths).  I just did an easy run for 5 miles (about 42 minutes) and then 2.5 more even slower.

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 7.09.09 AM

I spent most of my treadmill time watching Project Runway – always a great way to pass the time.  However, thanks to the awesome DVR feature and not having to endure the commercials – the show ended a little before I was done on the treadmill.

I made the STUPID choice to just put the TV on the local news!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 7.13.33 AM


Federal prison guards are currently not being paid (THANK YOU GOVERNMENT SHUT-DOWN!!!) yet they have to continue to go to work and do their job because it is considered essential (YOU THINK?!).  

However, in these same prisons where the guards are working for free, there are prisoners who have various jobs that they are paid for and THEY ARE STILL GETTING PAID!!!!

Now you see why I almost fell off my treadmill?!

I don’t even have words to express my thoughts on how completely ridiculous this whole situation is.

Happy Friday (I’m going to try to get over my outrage and enjoy the day)!!!


The Day After

I did manage to do a 43 today – simple and only arms involved!  I did an overhead triceps extension using a 20 pound weight.  (And I did it while seated!!)

Overhead triceps extension

Overhead triceps extension


Hunter wanted to help out and make a video!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aju_CLhgLRE’]

Hunter offered to bring everything upstairs so I didn’t have to do the stairs but I told him it was OK – I need to walk some!!

Here I am yesterday morning ready to go to the hospital – super excited (can you tell?)!

5:30  - headed to hospital
5:30 – headed to hospital

No other pictures from yesterday but here is a view of how bulky my legs are right now –

all wrapped up
all wrapped up
side view
side view

I have multiple layers of wraps on  – the nurse told me there would be some seepage and by seepage she meant gushing blood!!  Nice, huh?!  She said not to remove any of the wraps – just add more.  Truly a lovely experience!!!

Tomorrow afternoon I see the DR – she will remove the 20ish layers of wraps I have on and make sure everything looks OK – then I will just have a smaller wrap I think!

Check out my new trail shoes that came in the mail yesterday:

Salomon Speedcross 3
Salomon Speedcross 3

Aren’t they cool?!  Can’t wait to start breaking them in.  I’ve never run in trail shoes since I usually run on my treadmill or the street but my 50 miler in October has a lot of trail running so I better get on that!!!  And it required new shoes so that’s a definite bonus!!!

Happy Thursday – I’ll be hanging out doing minimal walking and pretty much nothing else!!  Good thing I have reality TV to entertain me!!


Rainy Day Randomness

I had a great circuit planned for my 43 today but I woke up not feeling great so I changed the plan and made my 43 a little less challenging (no jumping today!!!).

I decided to do triceps dips but make them more difficult by putting my feet on a stability ball.

start - full extension
start – full extension

Keeping my feet on the ball was difficult enough but then I did 43 dips – my arms were shaking!!

down - butt close to stool
down – butt close to stool

Putting my feet on the ball really did change the move from the way I normally do dips – fun to try new moves!!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct2UMRwnvNs’]

You can tell in the video that it is hard to keep your body straight and the ball in place (or at least it was hard for me)!!

And, who knew that this stool could be such a great work-out tool?!

handy work-out item
handy work-out item

After I finished, Jordan started messing around with my stability ball – check out his mad balancing skills:

pretty impressive balancing!
pretty impressive balancing!

Not gonna lie – I tried this after he did it – I could have been seriously injured!!!  It’s not nearly as easy as he is making it look!

It rained all day yesterday and today is supposed to be more of the same with some snow mixed in (good thing it is warm enough that the snow won’t stick!!).

Here is a view of our rainy day entertainment:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1RK7MiUVhQ’]

Hunter just keeps getting faster and faster on the Rubik cube (all types!) and now he is combining his brain power with a little ab work – LOVE it!!!

Last night, Jordan was with some friends so it was just Hunter home with us for awhile.  After dinner we decided to watch a movie together.Screen shot 2013-03-09 at 8.50.27 PMThis was a great movie!!  It was a little sad at times but I loved the overall story (and the little girl was so cute!!).  Movies based on true stories are usually some of my favorites.  Of course, Hunter said that he prefers Matt Damon in the Bourne movies over this one.  Really??!!

Well, I think I have rambled enough.  Gonna  spend the day relaxing and enjoying the rain/snow and the fact that I don’t have to go out in it!!

Happy Sunday!